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New Photo Papers for Dry Inkjet Minilabs

Inkjet microlabs and minilabs, the so-called dry labs, are becoming increasingly popular with photographers and photo retailers. They not only replace gradually the wet chemical labs for photo finishing printing, but are also more and more used in photo studios for portrait work, wedding photos, nudes, or other professional photo jobs.

We are pleased to introduce you to a new generation of BONJET photo papers, specifically designed and optimized for the use in these inkjet minilabs like the Epson SureLab, Fujifilm Frontier and Noritsu QSS Green series. The range includes five new media:

- Glossy photo paper
- Pearl photo paper
- Silk photo paper
- Metallic glossy photo paper
- Matt art paper

The new media will be available from May / June; in April there is a special "early bird" sales promotion with money-back guarantee (in case of dissatisafction you can return the paper, and the purchase will be credited to your account). Please note that this promotion may not be available in all countries. Please contact us or your country distributor for more information!

Passionate about BLACK&WHITE

that has been our theme at photokina. Big interest created our new, breathtaking BONJET ATELIER BLACK & WHITE, which was designed to deliver stunning black and white prints like no other paper. At least as good as perfectly crafted enlargements on MULTIGRADE FB: that has been our goal! Feel'n'touch and base tint are matched with the analogue silver paper; but tonal reproduction and maximum density are even better with our new BLACK & WHITE.

MATT ETCHING - inkjet etching board with
blandishing touch

BONJET ATELIER MATT ETCHING is a new matt fine art paper with a subtle texture. It has plenty of volume, a velvety surface and provides a natural, appealing contrast with rich, vivid colours. The perfect alternative to Hahnemuhle German Etching!

Ideal for traditional prints: WARMTONE MATT PAPER

The new BONJET PHOTO ART WARMTONE MATT PAPER is the ideal choice for traditional photos from the "golden age". With its very warm image tone, the paper awakens memories and emotions from days gone by. But it also offers high contrast and rich blacks and is perfectly suited for images that otherwise would be presented on a smooth fine art paper. And this at an unbeatable price!

New SPEED ink-receiving layer of solvent and latex inks

Newly developed from scratch, the polymeric SPEED ink-receiving layer solves many concerns of users with a solvent or latex printer. This innovative coating technology creates a much enlarged surface with a novel, satin-like surface texture, and thus accelerating significantly the drying of the ink, allowing easy handling of the media directly after printing. Finally, users can print roll-to-roll at reasonable printing speed in latex, solvent, or mild solvent printers!

The new SPEED inkjet media are available as backlit film and as opaque white film for roll-ups.

Fleece wallpaper for printing with UltraChrome, Lucia and Vivera inks

The new BONJET GRAPHIC FLEECE WALLPAPER is coated with a high quality ink-receiving layer, which produces vivid colors and high contrast. The prints are waterproof, tear-resistant, robust against abrasion, dimensionally stable and flame retardant. Thus, the production of personalized, printed wallpapers makes fun.


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