Who stands behind BONJET?

BONJET is an inkjet printing media brand, launched by Germany-based company LE BON IMAGE in 2005.

LE BON IMAGE are a selling/distribution company in the photo and imaging industry with focus on products used for high quality printing of photos, art, and commercial prints. Established in 2004 in Germany, our activities are targeted on photo resellers, professional photographers, photo labs, and commercial printers.

We are part of Belgium-based De Beukelaer Group, with sister companies LUMIERE IMAGING in France, DE BEUKELAER and HOTZ in Belgium, and DE BEUKELAER in Holland. Here, BONJET is available through these companies.

With our own quality inkjet media brand BONJET, we are moving beyond these borders now, even beyond central Europe. These pages shall inform you about the BONJET range of products, their features, benefits, and applications, as well as about our worldwide distribution partners.

More information about us and our other products, you will find on the websites of the respective companies. Please follow the links above, indicated in bold letters.

For contacting us, please visit our contact page.