BONJET GRAPHIC stands for a very comprehensive range of inkjet media for graphic, commercial, and photographic applications. For every job the most suitable paper, the right film, or the best banner from just the same supplier: that is our goal.

More than 40 different BONJET GRAPHIC media meet the requirements of commercial inkjet printing. No matter if you are looking for media for mailings and greeting cards, posters or banners, roll-up or pop-up displays, backlits or floor graphics, or you just want to print photos: BONJET GRAPHIC offers the right quality media at the right price.

All BONJET GRAPHIC media feature first class image quality with brillant colors and high maximum density. Most media are universally compatible with all water based ink, dye as well as pigmented; many of the media are compatible with latex ink, too. The prints offer instant dry touch and have a high resistance against finger prints and water splashes.

Resin-coated Photo Paper (large format rolls and sheets)   
Resin-coated Photo Paper (dry minilab rolls)     

Glossy Cast-coated Paper (sheets)  

Matt-coated Bond Paper (large format rolls)  
Matt-coated Paper (dry minilab rolls)   
Matt-coated Paper (sheets) 

Fleece Wallpaper  


Backlit Film (Polyester)  

Roll-Up Film (Polyester) 
Pop-Up Film (Polyester) 

White Film (PVC) 
Self-adhesive White Film (Vinyl)

White Film / Banner (Polypropylene) 
Roll-Up Film (Polypropylene) 
Self-adhesive White Film (Polypropylene)