Product Code: BJ5FWF200

  • Smooth matt wallpaper
  • Vivid colours, high contrast
  • Robust against wear and tear

BONJET GRAPHIC FLEECE WALLPAPER FLAME-RETARDENT is a smooth matt fleece wallpaper with a high quality inkjet coating to produce individual digitally printed wallpapers with vivid colours and high contrast. The prints are water-resistant and flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102-B1, provided a suitable wall material.

The fleece wallpaper is dimensionally stable and crack bridging; its high opaqueness masks the wall. The mounting should be done like with any other fleece wallpaper, including the use of the appropriate paste. When removing, the wallpaper can be dry peeled off from the wall.

Besides its use as photo wallpaper for wall decoration at home, FLEECE WALLPAPER is being used for trade show and shop decoration. Also individual wall designs for museums, exhibitions, or showrooms are typical applications.

FLEECE WALLPAPER is fully compatible with all water based pigmented inks which are used in large format printers, e.g. Canon Lucia, Epson Ultrachrome, or HP Vivera. It is not rec-ommended to use dyed inks as water fastness and longevity would be compromised.

Technical Data:
Weight: 200g/m²
Caliper: 285µm (11mil)

Available Roll Sizes:
106.7cm x 25m
42" x 82'
Core Diameter: 76mm (3")

Ink Compatibility:
Canon Lucia / EX
Epson UltraChrome / K3 / HDR
HP Vivera

Downloadable files: