Product Codes: BJ5SBF180 - BJ4MBF200

  • Premium inkjet films for backlit displays
  • Tear-resistant, dimensionally stable polyester base
  • High brightness, brilliant vivid colours, rich blacks

BONJET GRAPHIC backlit films are semi-opaque, translucent display films with a dimensionally stable, robust and tear-resistant polyester base. They have been developed to be used in light boxes and other backlit displays without additional diffuser film and offer brilliant, captivating images. Both films are being printed on the front.

BONJET GRAPHIC SATIN BACKLIT FILM BJ5SBF180 features a semi-glossy surface and offers first class print quality with vivid, saturated colours, high contrast, and rich blacks. It has been designed in particular for bright LED light frames which need media with good brilliance, saturation and density due to the high brightness. Nevertheless, this film also can be used for night-and-day applications with mixed light conditions. SATIN BACKLIT FILM has a tear-resistant and dimensionally stable polyester base and a high-end microporous inkjet coating of the latest generation.

BONJET GRAPHIC MATT BACKLIT FILM BJ4MBF200 has a matt finish and a very robust, scratch-resistant microporous inkjet coating. Also this film has a built-in diffuser layer for being displayed in light boxes with clear glass panels. Except a slightly lower Dmax, the print quality is very similar with high colour saturation and brilliance; however MATT BACKLIT FILM it is the better choice if the lighting conditions may be uncontrolled and vary, the illumination may be switched off temporarily, or bright sunshine might outshine the backlit lighting. Prints on BJ4MBF200 keep their contrast and brilliance, no matter from where the light comes.

Both backlit films are fully compatible with all water based dye and pigmented inks which are used in large format printers, e.g. Canon Lucia, Epson Ultrachrome, or HP Vivera; BJ4MBF200 is compatible with HP’s latex inks, too. For long term displays, the front should be laminated with a polyester laminate.

Technical data and available sizes:

  BJ5SBF180 BJ4MBF200
Weight 235g/m² 275g/m²
Caliper 180µm
   Width x Length
      91.4cm (36") x 20m (65') 30m (98')
      106.7cm (42") x 20m (65') 30m (98')
      127cm (50") x 20m (65') 30m (98')
      152.4cm (60") x 20m (65') 30m (98')
   Core Diameter 51mm (2") 76mm (3")
Ink Compatibility:    
   Canon Lucia / EX o o
   Epson UltraChrome /
   K3 / HDR
o o
   HP Vivera o o
   HP Latex   o
   Memjet o o

Downloadable files: