Four new BONJET GRAPHIC display films with strong, durable polyester base

SATIN BACKLIT FILM BJ5SBF180 offers superior print quality with very bright colours, high contrast and deep black, perfect for todays super-bright LED light boxes. It replaces the glossy BJ3GBF150.

GLOSSY ROLL-UP FILM BJ5GRF200 is an opaque polyester film ("white film") with super high-gloss finish, which ensures brilliant, extremly sharp prints. The film is mainly used for high-quality roll-up displays, but its "Cibachrome Look" makes it also a favoured printing media for art and design. The film replaces the films BJ3GRF190 and BJ3GWF175.

If the roll-up film is too thin and flexible, there is the 60% stronger and really thick GLOSSY POP-UP FILM BJ5GPF315. In appearance and print quality similar to the GLOSSY ROLL-UP FILM, it is used mainly for high-quality pop-up screens like portable exhibition stands and displays for show rooms.

The MATT ROLL-UP FILM has been revised and made 20% thicker and stiffer. All other features have not changed vs. the previous product: the successor BJ4MRF180 has a perfect flatness, high robustness against scratches and mechanical abrasion, excellent water resistance and best print quality.

All four films will be available in March / April. The discontinued predecessor products are on sale at very attractive prices.


The prints on the new PREMIER MATT CANVAS Deep Black captivate with wide color space and extremely deep, rich blacks, as you may have not seen it from another matt canvas yet. Along with the clear white base tint, the prints show a very high contrast and brilliant colours which clearly distinguish itself from other media and set new standards.

This is made possible by a newly developed ink-receiving layer which enhances the brilliance of the pigments in the coating and reduces light scatter. Find out more about PREMIER MATT CANVAS Deep Black ...  


The new BONJET S:PRINT MATT TYVEK® BANNER is made of a extremely durable and tear-resistant but very lightweight and flexible polyethylene nonwoven fabric (Tyvek®). The kink-resistant and dimensionally stable film can be eyed, riveted, sewed and glued, and is the perfect choice for rolling display panels and other banners where robustness and low weight are important, like for roll-ups or stretched banners. The prints are waterproof and can be displayed outdoors for up to 24 months; Tyvek® will not lose its tear strength and stability even when wet.

The banner has a special inkjet coating for solvent, eco-solvent, mild-solvent and UV-curable inks which ensures a wide colour gamut, superior brightness, high contrast and impeccable sharpness while delivering excellent scratch resistance. Learn more about the new MATT TYVEK BANNER ...  


With the recent raise of inkjet printers with Memjet technology print heads for sheet format papers, we are launching a range of products which have been engineered to deliver first quality prints for applications like mailings, invitations, greeting cards, high quality brochures and flyers, restaurant menus, personalized printing matters, photo books, calendars, and many other office and commercial applications. Designed for printer models like the Lomond Evojet, Astrojet, Colordyne, or Own-X, these papers feature highest productivity plus stunning image quality. Following new papers are being available in A4 bulk packs:

Also following additional media are being recommended for Memjet technology printers:

If you are missing any media for your business with Memjet printers, please call us and let us know. We may be able to find the right product for you.


Already there are two “metallic” photo papers in the BONJET range. BONJET ATELIER METALLIC GLOSS and LUSTRE have a pearlescent iridizing sheen which changes the tint with the viewing and lighting conditions, like the shell of an abalone. This effect is very interesting and draws the attention from the viewer. However, some photographers and printers have been searching for a product offering a true metal-like sheen.

The new BONJET ATELIER SUPERMETALLIC premium RC photo papers fulfil this demand: they offer a true metallic appearance, without change of the image tone and base tint. The metal effect is catchy and well visible in all image areas, looking similar to the metallic RA-4 papers like the Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper or Kodak Endura Metallic VC. The paper is available with two surfaces: a brilliant glossy and a true pearl texture.